Message for Community Groups from Warrington Voluntary Action

Nature’s Way

As we move into March on Friday it’s time to focus on getting outside and back to nature. Studies have shown that time spent in nature can help promote better mental health and wellbeing and the impacts are growing on funders. We’re highlighting a few funds that are specifically supporting community garden and grow projects that encourage and enable people to connect more with nature.

Cheshire Community Foundation have launched a grant called Green Shoots, A new programme to support projects which improve or increase access to local greenspaces or wildlife sites; and at the same time make a difference for individuals and local communities.
This programme focuses on the power of local, grassroots projects working on these themes across Cheshire and Warrington.

Application window opens on 1st March 2024 and closes on 31st March.

People’s Health Trust have launched Nature for Health to improve access to natural spaces and nature-based activities in order to improve mental health for people experiencing socio-economic disadvantage, marginalisation and discrimination.

Funding through Nature for Health is for adults and young people aged 11-18 who are experiencing mental health problems, socio-economic disadvantage, discrimination and marginalisation.

The deadline for stage one applications is Wednesday 20 March at 1pm.

Culture Warrington have recently developed a community garden network. To find out more and get involved email Amanda Moore.

Keep an eye out on our funding page and for the announcement of a new Warrington Fund coming soon!