WBC Industrial Action Update

Dear Crofters,

This is the most recent update (from Friday 17th November) from WBC regarding the industrial action:

Earlier this week, we wrote to Unite through our Solicitors, setting out what we believe to be the clear case and basis for why strike action should be immediately cancelled.

We have, with deep regret, received no assurance or confirmation that further strikes will be cancelled.

At present, we have to plan with the expectation that strikes between Tuesday 21 November and Monday 4 December will go ahead. We are therefore taking further steps, in line with advice from our Solicitors, and will pursue the legal options available to us.

We have always said that further strike action has been an unnecessary and disproportionate measure given the resolution of the 2023/24 pay award negotiations. We strongly maintain this position and are supported in this position by the national Local Government Employers.

As always, our established and formal channels for all of our recognised Trade Unions remain open for any local issues to be raised and discussed.

We appreciate that this will bring little comfort to our residents whose lives are being significantly impacted and disrupted by the strike by Unite and their members. We sincerely regret that we are facing another period of strikes from next week.