Cheshire & Warrington Local Nature Recovery Strategy

Message issued on behalf of the programme officer for the Cheshire & Warrington Local Nature Recovery Strategy

A consultation on the future for wildlife in Cheshire & Warrington has just been made public.

Working together for a Wilder Cheshire and Warrington | Cheshire West and Chester Council

We want to get as many views as possible, from individuals, community groups and organisations about what matters to them and what they think a Local Nature Strategy of Cheshire & Warrington needs to achieve to help nature.

If you are able or willing to help us promote this opportunity for people to have their say, we would be very grateful if you are prepared to share the link.

Our Local Nature Recovery Strategy aims to provide a blueprint to help wildlife thrive, improve our ecological network, but also target where investment in nature could help us adapt to climate change or improve the quality of the local environment, for people and the economy.

There’s an opportunity for individuals and organisations to pledge action they are prepared to take, so we’ve got a full picture of action being taken by everyone, so not limited to landowners, Local Authorities or NGOs like Cheshire Wildlife Trust.

We are also asking landowners to put areas forward where they could be interested in attracting investment in helping nature to recover, through a call for sites. We can then put them in touch with organisations that can help them access government related grants or for support to develop biodiversity units (that could be sold to developers, when they need to invest in local opportunities to improve nature as part of Biodiversity Net Gain – the extra 10% that needs to be delivered for nature as part of major planning applications from 12th Feb and scheduled for minor applications from the start of April).

After this consultation there will be rounds of online and in person workshops across Cheshire & Warrington to confirm the priorities, targets and agree ways we can work together, across the Local Nature Partnership, with other organisations, landowners and individuals to support nature’s recovery over the next 10 years (with known pressures and future opportunities in mind).

We will let you know where and when there are other ways people can get involved as these are confirmed.

Please contact me if you have any questions at