Winwick Lane 7.5tonne Weight Restriction

Croft Parish Council have objected to a proposal by Wigan Council to impose a weight restriction on parts of Winwick Lane. It is believed that this weight restriction will have a detrimental impact on traffic diverting through the area.

Residents are encouraged to object to this proposal. The objections from Croft Parish Council are in this post, however anyone using them as a guide should not copy verbatim and try to use their own wording and sequence the points as they wish.

Objections should be sent to who is the Wigan MBC Traffic Officer who attended a public meeting at Glazebury. (Please ask Mr Ali to direct the email to Mr Whitworth of Wigan MBC)

**The deadline for submission of objections is Monday 2nd December.**


A579 Winwick Lane – Objection to HGV permanent order

Winwick Lane Weight Restriction

Wigan Council have applied to impose a weight restriction on parts of Winwick Lane. This is expected to impact on routes that HGVs use to travel through the area and it is believed that this weight restriction could lead to an increase in vehicles travelling through Croft Parish. Croft Parish Council are in the process of drafting a response to this proposal, and encourage all residents to contact Wigan Council with their objections. We will share some guidance on objections for residents as soon as we can.

Please see link below for more details on the proposal.

Winwick Lane Traffic



Objection to proposed new motorway service station J11 M62

An application for a new motorway service station at J11 M62 has been submitted to Warrington Borough Council.

Residents can view the application at using the reference 2019/35726

Everyone is encouraged to have their say on the proposal by submitting comments to using the reference 2019/35726.

Croft Parish Council have created the Crib Sheet attached below to provide guidance to any residents who are unsure on the grounds on which they can object to the application.

Motorway Service Area Objection Crib Sheet