Croft Celebrates The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee (part 2)

Huge thank you to everyone who turned out on Sunday 5th for the picnic. Due to the weather and some of the companies cancelling, it was decided to host the picnic in CYAC instead. Special big thanks go out to John and his PA system used at both our events, Cheyvonne Bower for her selfie frame that was used at both events, Caroline Jenkinson who gave up her Sunday afternoon to be our first aider (luckily she wasn’t needed!), The Rockets ukulele band, Mike the magician from Unit One Entertainment, Matt’s Ices who became our stand in ice cream van, Ian Wilson and his team of volunteers at both events, to Nick Wild and his Scouting cohort, and countless others who worked behind the scenes to make everything a memorable day for our residents. Lastly, bravo to those residents who sat out on the playing field!